The being in the Darkness
Is feared by those in the Light
Will I ever find Salvation?
Perhaps when I attain Redemption
For sins committed
A spirit so blasphemous
A mind battling insanity
There is, but, no rest for the Wicked.
The darkness is calling my name
It is luring me in
With memories so haunting
Stop. Just stop.
Facing the Fear, Hatred and Pain
As the Reaper
Embraces me with cold arms
Fear is not an option
For I shall overcome
All that has been committed
And greater than
All that has been given
Finally, Salvation has come for me.


Across the Distance

Your words from across the distance
Close my eyes as they make me warm
Ethereal, ghostly, invisible
Here I am in my clothes
Trying my best to remain prim and proper.

Electronic kisses, ethereal hugs
Your flesh against mine
Wanton and cheeky they make me
Coming undone, clothes undone
Thank the heavens I am in my room.

Your kisses to my forehead
While you slide your hand for seconds
Filling me with need so unbearable
That I yearn for that bad touch
Sated and full you render me.

Clothes undone, unbridled need
Leggings, tank top and bra off
Shaking, I read your words
Many years have gone by
Since the bad touch.

Over feverish skin my hands feather
Hands trembling as I bite my lips
Heated and moist things become
I shiver, moan and turn restlessly
Whispering your name as it leaves me to shudder.