Here I am, lying in bed, after spending an entire evening getting things sorted out and up and running on WordPress. It has been fun, working on my creative and tech-savvy abilities. I am not sure if I will be remaining active on here.

I must say this, though. I am not one to follow the crowd; unless, it is a crowd I belong in. I will not be flocking to the rich and popular. I have my own reasons for being here; chiefly, to take this up as a project; to stimulate my creative juices – so, interaction will be quite minimal – but, hey, if you enjoy the dark, drop me a line. We shall go for an online cuppa and chit-chat.

Keep in touch!



Feel these words that run through my veins
No one wants to heal this broken heart
From a heavy heart these words flow
So many things I have kept inside
So many things I have forgotten
Forgotten faces forgotten times
Let time heal my wounds
Words that do not mean anything to anyone
I do not care if these words rhyme
Damn if they do
Damn if they do not
Here I am lying on my bed
Wondering if a momentous moment has passed
Which I will never get a chance to change
Things I have missed
Things I wish I had missed
This is the way life plays out
Full of wasted words
Full of wasted years.


Dear Soldier

As the fight drains
Out of my shattered body
A grenade is all I need
To complete my day
Countless have fallen in this life
I am just awaiting my roll call
My soul may be shattered
Yet the Spirit in me continues
To rage on forward
A never-ending war rages on
In my head and heart
Would you like to exchange roles?
The life I once knew
Has been blown away
By the bombs
Dropped across enemy lines
Tell me why
I have to fight on alone
I want to see the light
I know I was put here
For the harder stuff
Life is an uphill endeavour
Where I have had
My fair share of bruises and scars
The Hope that was once ripped away
Has returned to plant its seed
Once again in my soul
Another dawn I see
Another nightfall I experience
I just want to feel the sun
As I make my way
Through foreign territory
My heart urges me on
My mind is all but dead
Carry on, dear soldier
You were made
For the harder stuff
Blood and grime
Obscure my vision
Tell me, dear soldier
When will all this end?


Here and Now

Childish emotions course through me
I nurture this on
With the silly things you do
The trays, the cups, the voice
Oh dear Lord
Put an end to this
Sometimes I wish I would see
A band wrapped around your finger
A glance is all I need
To lose control and stare at you
When I know that it is
Beyond rude to do just that
I am an emotional mess
Because of you
And all you ever said
Was a simple hello
All I have of you Is a name
I probably will not forget
All I see is a mind’s snapshot of you
And as I try not to lose my mind
Over this mundane encounter
I watch you from a distance
And I realise we’ll never be
Perhaps one day I will shake this off
But for today all I have
Is the here and now.



This duality I am caught in
The path that leads
To heaven or hell
You and I
We are the same
Yet vastly different
Carnage of the soul
Is what differentiates us
My soul is wrecked
In isolation I have been
Refused a helping hand
The fires of hell
That consumes me
In its flames my soul
Purifies and heals all wounds
And as I tread the path
Of the dark angel
I weep a thousand teardrops
I laugh a thousand peals
I love a thousand heartbreaks
And as you watch me suffer
I bleed my life away.



Treachery, lies, deceit
Facts of this cruel world
That we build our existence in.
Love, pain, hate
Simple but deep emotions
That revs the engine of my soul.
Pinch, slap, kick
These are what i do to the ones
Who bring me down.
Tear, weep, cry
Salty liquid that flows
From the windows to the soul.
Bite, lick, kiss
All I have ever desired
For you to cover me with.
Hug, comfort, shelter
Ever searching the world
For a place to call home.
Blood, loyalty, honour
Rare as perfectly cut diamonds
From deep beneath this earth.
Friend, crush, lover
These are who you are
Always etched in my mind.
Torn, shred, shatter
Conditions of a heart
That you casually denied.
Mad, crazy, insane
Is my love for you
Which will never be realised.
You, me, us
Sweet illusions are made of these
And who am I to disagree?


Dark Angel

Starlight falls upon your face
Casting an unearthly luminance
Drawn like a moth to the flame
I am to you.
I devour everything about you
Your stride
Your smile
Your eyes.
Silence befalls this land of the damned
As your voice seep through the cracks
Of the eternal night
Bring me away with you.
The darkness of this night
Shines upon your dark hair
Shiny strands illuminated
By the glowing moonshine.
Dark eyes shine with acknowledgement
Speaking without words
Your promises of times to come
Whisper in my mind.
Strong presence unmistakable
You shiver with the betrayal
Of a thousand lies
As you wrap your arms around me.
My darkest angel
Only you could make me forget
Of dark times that have passed
Of dark times that may befall.
Take my beating heart
As drops of blood
Fall upon your tongue
I know you are here.
And here we stand together
Through the ups and downs
You shelter me from all the pain
You are my darkest angel.