My Dark Lover

Dark lover of my heart
My want, my need, my desire
They match your own.

My dark deeds
My uncontrollable love
My conscience bleeds.

As my dark feelings rise
From deep within my very being
Your blood, your life, your soul
Sing to mine.

Your love flowing through
My ocean-blue veins
As you lay a kiss on my throat.

I, your angel, fall
As we soar into the night
Of our souls.

With centuries behind us
Tears well in my eyes
As the dawn approaches
Signalling the end
Of yet another night.

I search for the light to my dark
You search for the dark to your light.

Together, we yearn to be free.

I search for the light in your dark
You search for the dark in my light.

Your words of lust
Fall upon my ears
As we soar into the night
Of our souls.

No longer would we breathe
With half a soul.

Your hands caress my skin
As my deep madness
Cause a smile on your lips.

My Sire
My Light
I am not afraid of you.

I never will be
I want your love
I need your love.

I just want to feel
In this dark soul of mine.

~ Tristesse


Shadow of My Vampire (Poetry)

Your love is like a vampire’s kiss,
No matter how many times you hurt me.
You are mine and I am yours,
That is all that matters to my vampire heart.

To breathe without a spirit,
Is a cruel trick of humanity.
In all honesty I blame no one,
As I wander under the velvety night skies.

Mortals waking and dying,
As I become naught but a survivalist.
Is there an element of truth,
In this distance-bound love?

Here I am deeply longing,
For a sweet drop of your crimson.
You and I Immortals,
Each bound together by our hearts.

I wander this forsaken world,
With my damned deceitful lies.
I beseech the heavens above,
For a moment of blissful salvation.

As I wander this inhumanely lonely world,
Memories of you resonate within strongly.
I shall disappear into the shadows,
As you take my hand in yours.

As the eye-searing light of day dims,
The soft moonlight beneath the heavens shine.
My lonely heart and I will continue our search,
Longingly seeking that elusive vampire shadow of yours.

~ Tristesse

I, Vampire (Poetry)

I enter the darkness
Unsure of the reason
Why it has me
Under its spell.

The dark it calls
It beckons me
Into the storm
To its beacon of light.

I am drawn to the light
The harbinger of hope
To lost souls in the dark
Just like my volatile emotions.

As I enter the dark
Into the night
Of the wilderness that is my heart
I feel myself change.

My vision is different
My scent is different
My teeth elongate
Into fangs baring themselves for the first time.

I am now one of them
They called out
To my darkness
Ready for my changing.

I am in hunger
For all things sublime
This is my turning
This is my awakening.

My body shivers
It quivers in the cool darkness
Of the velvety night skies
As I become.

I feel solitude
I feel isolation
I feel despair
I feel pain.

It does not feel the same
As it did before
I am now different
I am a creature of the night.

I thirst for the crimson
The very essence of mortal life
As blood drips from my fangs
I hear the call of the dark.

As I continue to walk
In the midst of it all
I, a walker in the dark
I, a Vampire.

~ Tristesse