Society and Ignorance

Society is complex. It is everything everything a society should strive not to be – it is patriarchal and misogynistic in nature.

Beings who “feel” the most; the ones who think; the ones who are sensitive; the ones who cry; the ones who feel; the ones who laugh out loud; we are all under siege by a society that never fails to taunt, shun and discriminate us. It may not be about race or skin colour anymore in certain parts of the world, but, our very essence of being a “human” is being waged a war against.

We require countless declaration forms for the mentally ill or physically handicapped. Just because they tick all the “all okay” boxes, does not make them superior to us. They may be the majority, but, we all know that there are so many life-changers in society who have contributed much and played significant roles, despite their mental challenges or handicaps. I cannot, for the life of me, think of anyone at the moment, but, we all know, at some point of our lives, of someone so magnificent whom we cannot do anything, but, admire, awestruck, wondering just how they managed to succeed.

Depression is a killer, if life does not kill you first. Some are diagnosed with so-called high-functioningdisorders, in a category that some of us may fall under. They look, they stare, they wonder what it is like. Some start taking out their religious objects and start praying in fear of being “infected” by our negativity. I do not dwell in negativity. It is just a frame of mind. All these “look at the bright side” stories are just getting on my nerves. They treat us as though what we have is wrong. The worst occasions are when they start correcting us and say things like, “You have to change your character first, to make it in life.

My character?! Perhaps it is you, ignoramus, who needs to be put under therapy for your blatant ignorance! Now, now, no one is getting all defensive. I am merely stating a fact here. What has my character possibly have to do anything with whatever that is making me feel all melancholic, hopeless and in despair, most of the time?

In their defense, rationally speaking, I would say that they have mistaken “character” with “mind-set“. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my character. You are hitting under the belt by saying that I have a shitty personality? Who gave you that right?!

Society, at large, is filled with such ignoramuses. Live and let live. But, the next being from the masses, to open their mouth and spew such words like “character” or “personality” is going to get a mouthful from me. That is for sure. It is not our character, it is something that we cannot cure… but over time, learn how to recognise possible recurring symptoms and prevent the severity of the waves of sadness and melancholy.

Character, they say… *pfft*.



A Dying Breed

A dying breed; we fight with all our might. An echo reverberates through the eons of time; the whispers of the siren, do you heed her call? Seduced by the nuances of her words, we take a hesitant step. One step at a time, we become enthralled by the hypnotic lilt of her voice. Her words, promising tales of the forbidden; a story she shall weave, with all the articulation of the great deceiver. Curses she received, hot words created by the hiss of the serpent’s tongue. A dying breed, ever to be shied away from the scrutiny of watchful eyes. A sight, a sign, as elusive as the flight of the butterfly; we watch, as the sands of time sift through our fingers. Watch as life unfolds into a dreamscape; your life, my life, only never to be ours. A dying breed, we trudge on; living out a valiant effort, which can never truly be realised.




Here I am, lying in bed, after spending an entire evening getting things sorted out and up and running on WordPress. It has been fun, working on my creative and tech-savvy abilities. I am not sure if I will be remaining active on here.

I must say this, though. I am not one to follow the crowd; unless, it is a crowd I belong in. I will not be flocking to the rich and popular. I have my own reasons for being here; chiefly, to take this up as a project; to stimulate my creative juices – so, interaction will be quite minimal – but, hey, if you enjoy the dark, drop me a line. We shall go for an online cuppa and chit-chat.

Keep in touch!

Random Is Resistance

Zero care for the consequences, an easy way out, risks taken, he rolled the dice with eyes closed… and lost.

I don’t know him. I never have… and never will.

If only the dead could speak. A voice from the grave, I heard his call… but he’s gone… and it’s too late.

I have a tendency to label everything… and everyone.

He who died with art, a life taken away too soon… and projects he would never complete.

All the lives lost, my mind corrupted, an inspiration to the soul… and to keep the black flame alive right up to my last breath.

He speaks to my heart… and never did I expect to fall for a dead man.


Tempus Edax Rerum

Time, the frightful devourer of all things. The Past, Present and Future – nothing and no one is spared. “Never lead yourself to despair,” they whisper. Yet, unwillingly, here I am, at the jaws of Despair. To despair is to be the furthest from Hope. Your word. My word. Their word. Just when I thought that all the pain could be vanquished by Time. Lift the veil and face your deepest, darkest nightmares. “In time,” the angel of the lord said, with his head bowed down. And so, I shall.

Life. It is just an illusion conjured up by the corrupted, self-serving and manipulative elite. If they cannot convince us, they confuse us. It is all just a game played by the “big” boys and girls. Suffocating the marginalised free–thinking rebels of society, leaving shattered hearts, twisted spirits, bent minds. We have eyes, to be able to see, but do we really see? What if the truth is right in front of our very eyes? Conditioning, bullying, victimising. It happens everywhere. Reality is a prison that we fail to unchain the shackles of. They teach to drift through life mindlessly, but not aimlessly, as it is their goal to suit their purpose. Timekeeper, where are you? You are supposed to save time, not kill it. I do not see the big picture at all. Do you?