The being in the Darkness
Is feared by those in the Light
Will I ever find Salvation?
Perhaps when I attain Redemption
For sins committed
A spirit so blasphemous
A mind battling insanity
There is, but, no rest for the Wicked.
The darkness is calling my name
It is luring me in
With memories so haunting
Stop. Just stop.
Facing the Fear, Hatred and Pain
As the Reaper
Embraces me with cold arms
Fear is not an option
For I shall overcome
All that has been committed
And greater than
All that has been given
Finally, Salvation has come for me.


There was a time of lost Love and of lost Innocence. A paradox is what you stood for. I gave you my hope and you consumed it. A hurricane unleashed inside of me, I had no one and nothing, but you. You turned your back and hurt me with windy words; hurt me with cruel actions. A lost Love I had found, a lost Innocence I had felt. It all comes back to me. It all comes back now, memories of you and I that could heal from within. I see your face and my heart sings with sin; my mind sings of innocence. Come back to me, lover; dearest of my heart; my love’s desire. You left me with a shattered heart and a broken smile. I will never bother you, I will never swear again, it is you I belong to. Dark lover of my heart, my dark angel. Your absence is a hole. A hole which I cannot reach out of, so dark it is my pain. My darkest desire, my darkest pain and my darkest love. Return at once, dear love of mine; for this verse is as simple as an, “I Miss You.”

~ Tristesse

Across the Distance

Your words from across the distance
Close my eyes as they make me warm
Ethereal, ghostly, invisible
Here I am in my clothes
Trying my best to remain prim and proper.

Electronic kisses, ethereal hugs
Your flesh against mine
Wanton and cheeky they make me
Coming undone, clothes undone
Thank the heavens I am in my room.

Your kisses to my forehead
While you slide your hand for seconds
Filling me with need so unbearable
That I yearn for that bad touch
Sated and full you render me.

Clothes undone, unbridled need
Leggings, tank top and bra off
Shaking, I read your words
Many years have gone by
Since the bad touch.

Over feverish skin my hands feather
Hands trembling as I bite my lips
Heated and moist things become
I shiver, moan and turn restlessly
Whispering your name as it leaves me to shudder.

From the Cradle to the Grave

Always yearning for more
I get lost in my fantasies
With untainted memories
Of a life gone by
Days become weeks
Weeks become months
Months become years
Yet I still follow
Times when I light up
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to dust
Another nail in my coffin
As I burn the last vestige
Of memories
Of times gone by
Misled youth
Everything I feel
Is an illusion
A self-deluded fantasy
Fragments of my past
I try in vain
To piece a snapshot
Of you engrained
In my soul
Let me detoxify
On a clean slate
Of a hug that was
Never given
Of a kiss that was
Never stolen
Yet I carry on
Armed with a banner
That screams
The torture of living
A life set on repeat
An awful thing it is
To be able to
Smile when all
I want to do
Is shed tears
Of a time
That would never
Repeat itself bearing
My tender feelings
Lost in your words
Your serpent tongue
Lashed out at my
Very being of
This banality of life
Once I turn to you
Only to retreat into
The darkest shadows
Of my soul you
Set on fire
A raging inferno
Of a melting pot
Of churning emotions
The want yearning
The need craving
The desire overwhelming
You I crave
With a warped sense
Of reality lived
Between the lines
Of love and hate
Calm my crushed soul
Bearing its crest
Of sin and shame
Your naivete is staggering
So I realised
Goes hand in hand
With my heartfelt words
Left alone with intent
Left stranded homeless
Find a home
I shall do
With or without you
Twisted words ensnared
By the twisted actions
Of your abrasive nature
There is a fine line
Between being bad
And being who
You really are
I do not know
Why I wrote this
Disjointed string of words
Perhaps it is
To fill the void
That you left behind
Of the carnage
That you abandoned
You came when
I needed someone
But your true nature
Is unrivalled with
Its twisted paths
Paths that lead me
Down a reckless path
That does not
Reveal its nature
Blind be Justice
With her blindfolded
There can never be sight
Unless you see what
You do not
Want to see
Open the eyes
Of your heart
To a whole new world
Where reality and illusion
Mingle hand in hand
Through this walk
Of shame that
You have put me on
As I light this last vestige
Of days gone by
Burning silent memories
Of words gone unsaid
This secret I will keep
From the cradle
To the grave.



Feel these words that run through my veins
No one wants to heal this broken heart
From a heavy heart these words flow
So many things I have kept inside
So many things I have forgotten
Forgotten faces forgotten times
Let time heal my wounds
Words that do not mean anything to anyone
I do not care if these words rhyme
Damn if they do
Damn if they do not
Here I am lying on my bed
Wondering if a momentous moment has passed
Which I will never get a chance to change
Things I have missed
Things I wish I had missed
This is the way life plays out
Full of wasted words
Full of wasted years.