About Me

I hate the light but love immensely
What in these parts is known as light.
I am sick of life’s regularity,
That strikes me dumb in dreadful fright.
My fate is quiet and unseen
To live within my close, dark shell,
And none shall know my secret dream
Of things that only I can tell…

Greetings to you, dear reader,

Be kind, be gentle, be nice – I am fragile. Handle with care! I should come with labels. *smilez*

I am, of course, a noobie, to WordPress. It is quite a feat that I actually got this all set up and running. I have followed a couple of blogs, but, I live, dwell and lurk in the darkness. It is where you may find me. 

I do come out, seeking companionship and sometimes, companionship seeks me out when I am in solitude. So, it works both ways. I may sound all chirpy and alive, but, dear reader, it is just an aspect of my personality. I am indeed all about doom and gloom, as a working colleague once described me. 

So, yes, I shall cut a long story short and introduce you to my little safe space on WordPress. 

I bid thee a warm welcome