There was a time of lost Love and of lost Innocence. A paradox is what you stood for. I gave you my hope and you consumed it. A hurricane unleashed inside of me, I had no one and nothing, but you. You turned your back and hurt me with windy words; hurt me with cruel actions. A lost Love I had found, a lost Innocence I had felt. It all comes back to me. It all comes back now, memories of you and I that could heal from within. I see your face and my heart sings with sin; my mind sings of innocence. Come back to me, lover; dearest of my heart; my love’s desire. You left me with a shattered heart and a broken smile. I will never bother you, I will never swear again, it is you I belong to. Dark lover of my heart, my dark angel. Your absence is a hole. A hole which I cannot reach out of, so dark it is my pain. My darkest desire, my darkest pain and my darkest love. Return at once, dear love of mine; for this verse is as simple as an, “I Miss You.”

~ Tristesse


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