Across the Distance

Your words from across the distance
Close my eyes as they make me warm
Ethereal, ghostly, invisible
Here I am in my clothes
Trying my best to remain prim and proper.

Electronic kisses, ethereal hugs
Your flesh against mine
Wanton and cheeky they make me
Coming undone, clothes undone
Thank the heavens I am in my room.

Your kisses to my forehead
While you slide your hand for seconds
Filling me with need so unbearable
That I yearn for that bad touch
Sated and full you render me.

Clothes undone, unbridled need
Leggings, tank top and bra off
Shaking, I read your words
Many years have gone by
Since the bad touch.

Over feverish skin my hands feather
Hands trembling as I bite my lips
Heated and moist things become
I shiver, moan and turn restlessly
Whispering your name as it leaves me to shudder.


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