Monster Under My Bed

I could feel the sweet lull of darkness as my eyelids closed. There I was, lying on my bed, as thunder stormed and lightning raged outside the safe comforts of my room. I drifted in and out of the tantalising tentacles of the unconscious realm as I felt the wooziness of the sleeping pills the nurse had just administered to me. “No! I must stay awake!” my mind raced, as my conscious self struggled to keep my eyes open.

Something was not right. As a vague sense of discomfort enveloped my body, I wished I had not dutifully swallowed the tablets. That sinking feeling in my stomach worsensed as I tried to chase the moaning sounds away.

What the hell was going on? No, not that. Not again! I must… stay awake. I had to! Otherwise it would come for me again. As the moaning sounds crept towards my bed, I raised my hand to press the emergency switch. My hand refused to lift and it slumped back by my side, too heavy to raise. “It feels wrong…” I kept thinking, “just go away, whatever you are!”

A bolt of lightning struck and I could see. A figure, crouched face down, dark brown hair hanging damply around its head, slowly dragging itself towards my bed. Another bolt and I could see a thin, rotting arm reaching forward, as though trying very hard to reach me.

“Litaaaaa… Grrraaagggh,” a deep guttural groan escaped its lipless mouth, a mouth that seemed darker than the room itself.

The bed shook, as though that thing was trying to get in, on my bed, beside me. I trembled with sheer terror, but I doubted I was ever able to move. I could do nothing. “Stop it! Just go away!” my lips moved, forming words as I laid paralysed.

“Gggrrrrooooo,” that thing moaned. The sound was coming from below, underneath my bed! A strong push and I bounced a couple of inches above my bed. The bed violently shook as I laid in helpless horror.

What the hell? “Please….” I cried, “please leave me alone…”

My breathing grew heavy. My heart was pounding loudly and I was sure that thing could hear it. in fear of whatever it is in my room.

“Scratch… scratch… scratch,” different sounds fell upon my ears. It was coming from under the be! My heart was pounding so hard now and I just wanted to run out of here. The room felt like it was becoming smaller everytime lightning flashed through the windows.

“Litaaaaa…” it moans, followed by heavy breathing. It does not sound human.

I felt a cold grip of moist, skeletal fingers grip my ankle and yank me to the freezing bare floor of the room.

“Go away!” my throat screamed.

“Noooo!” the thing growled in response, as though it still retained some human consciousness.

Someone please help me. I could not wake up.

“Good morning, sunshine!” the nurse greeted me. I jolted awake in cold sweat and the bedsheet I was lying on was soaked in it.

What the fuck happened? My thoughts began rationalising themselves, as I took in the scene of the room I was in. The tablets had worked themselves into my blood. I had fallen asleep! It was nothing but just another nightmare!

Feeling relieved, I pulled myself up from bed, throwing off the blanket. I looked down as I stood. To my horror, I saw a deep red mark, as though someone or something had gripped very tightly, around my left ankle!

“No… It can’t be!” I whispered unbelievingly, as the nurse hurriedly shuffled me out of the room.



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