A Dying Breed

A dying breed; we fight with all our might. An echo reverberates through the eons of time; the whispers of the siren, do you heed her call? Seduced by the nuances of her words, we take a hesitant step. One step at a time, we become enthralled by the hypnotic lilt of her voice. Her words, promising tales of the forbidden; a story she shall weave, with all the articulation of the great deceiver. Curses she received, hot words created by the hiss of the serpent’s tongue. A dying breed, ever to be shied away from the scrutiny of watchful eyes. A sight, a sign, as elusive as the flight of the butterfly; we watch, as the sands of time sift through our fingers. Watch as life unfolds into a dreamscape; your life, my life, only never to be ours. A dying breed, we trudge on; living out a valiant effort, which can never truly be realised.



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