Tempus Edax Rerum

Time, the frightful devourer of all things. The Past, Present and Future – nothing and no one is spared. “Never lead yourself to despair,” they whisper. Yet, unwillingly, here I am, at the jaws of Despair. To despair is to be the furthest from Hope. Your word. My word. Their word. Just when I thought that all the pain could be vanquished by Time. Lift the veil and face your deepest, darkest nightmares. “In time,” the angel of the lord said, with his head bowed down. And so, I shall.

Life. It is just an illusion conjured up by the corrupted, self-serving and manipulative elite. If they cannot convince us, they confuse us. It is all just a game played by the “big” boys and girls. Suffocating the marginalised free–thinking rebels of society, leaving shattered hearts, twisted spirits, bent minds. We have eyes, to be able to see, but do we really see? What if the truth is right in front of our very eyes? Conditioning, bullying, victimising. It happens everywhere. Reality is a prison that we fail to unchain the shackles of. They teach to drift through life mindlessly, but not aimlessly, as it is their goal to suit their purpose. Timekeeper, where are you? You are supposed to save time, not kill it. I do not see the big picture at all. Do you?



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