Shadow of My Vampire (Poetry)

Your love is like a vampire’s kiss,
No matter how many times you hurt me.
You are mine and I am yours,
That is all that matters to my vampire heart.

To breathe without a spirit,
Is a cruel trick of humanity.
In all honesty I blame no one,
As I wander under the velvety night skies.

Mortals waking and dying,
As I become naught but a survivalist.
Is there an element of truth,
In this distance-bound love?

Here I am deeply longing,
For a sweet drop of your crimson.
You and I Immortals,
Each bound together by our hearts.

I wander this forsaken world,
With my damned deceitful lies.
I beseech the heavens above,
For a moment of blissful salvation.

As I wander this inhumanely lonely world,
Memories of you resonate within strongly.
I shall disappear into the shadows,
As you take my hand in yours.

As the eye-searing light of day dims,
The soft moonlight beneath the heavens shine.
My lonely heart and I will continue our search,
Longingly seeking that elusive vampire shadow of yours.

~ Tristesse


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