I, Vampire (Poetry)

I enter the darkness
Unsure of the reason
Why it has me
Under its spell.

The dark it calls
It beckons me
Into the storm
To its beacon of light.

I am drawn to the light
The harbinger of hope
To lost souls in the dark
Just like my volatile emotions.

As I enter the dark
Into the night
Of the wilderness that is my heart
I feel myself change.

My vision is different
My scent is different
My teeth elongate
Into fangs baring themselves for the first time.

I am now one of them
They called out
To my darkness
Ready for my changing.

I am in hunger
For all things sublime
This is my turning
This is my awakening.

My body shivers
It quivers in the cool darkness
Of the velvety night skies
As I become.

I feel solitude
I feel isolation
I feel despair
I feel pain.

It does not feel the same
As it did before
I am now different
I am a creature of the night.

I thirst for the crimson
The very essence of mortal life
As blood drips from my fangs
I hear the call of the dark.

As I continue to walk
In the midst of it all
I, a walker in the dark
I, a Vampire.

~ Tristesse



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