Treachery, lies, deceit
Facts of this cruel world
That we build our existence in.
Love, pain, hate
Simple but deep emotions
That revs the engine of my soul.
Pinch, slap, kick
These are what i do to the ones
Who bring me down.
Tear, weep, cry
Salty liquid that flows
From the windows to the soul.
Bite, lick, kiss
All I have ever desired
For you to cover me with.
Hug, comfort, shelter
Ever searching the world
For a place to call home.
Blood, loyalty, honour
Rare as perfectly cut diamonds
From deep beneath this earth.
Friend, crush, lover
These are who you are
Always etched in my mind.
Torn, shred, shatter
Conditions of a heart
That you casually denied.
Mad, crazy, insane
Is my love for you
Which will never be realised.
You, me, us
Sweet illusions are made of these
And who am I to disagree?



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