Dear Soldier

As the fight drains
Out of my shattered body
A grenade is all I need
To complete my day
Countless have fallen in this life
I am just awaiting my roll call
My soul may be shattered
Yet the Spirit in me continues
To rage on forward
A never-ending war rages on
In my head and heart
Would you like to exchange roles?
The life I once knew
Has been blown away
By the bombs
Dropped across enemy lines
Tell me why
I have to fight on alone
I want to see the light
I know I was put here
For the harder stuff
Life is an uphill endeavour
Where I have had
My fair share of bruises and scars
The Hope that was once ripped away
Has returned to plant its seed
Once again in my soul
Another dawn I see
Another nightfall I experience
I just want to feel the sun
As I make my way
Through foreign territory
My heart urges me on
My mind is all but dead
Carry on, dear soldier
You were made
For the harder stuff
Blood and grime
Obscure my vision
Tell me, dear soldier
When will all this end?



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