Dark Angel

Starlight falls upon your face
Casting an unearthly luminance
Drawn like a moth to the flame
I am to you.
I devour everything about you
Your stride
Your smile
Your eyes.
Silence befalls this land of the damned
As your voice seep through the cracks
Of the eternal night
Bring me away with you.
The darkness of this night
Shines upon your dark hair
Shiny strands illuminated
By the glowing moonshine.
Dark eyes shine with acknowledgement
Speaking without words
Your promises of times to come
Whisper in my mind.
Strong presence unmistakable
You shiver with the betrayal
Of a thousand lies
As you wrap your arms around me.
My darkest angel
Only you could make me forget
Of dark times that have passed
Of dark times that may befall.
Take my beating heart
As drops of blood
Fall upon your tongue
I know you are here.
And here we stand together
Through the ups and downs
You shelter me from all the pain
You are my darkest angel.



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